The Endless Ocean Premieres October 19th

The Chest - Preview for Season 1 of The Endless Ocean

The Endless Ocean is a new serial fantasy podcast from the team behind The Phone Booth. Released every Monday starting October 19th. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify of where ever you get your podcasts. 


The Phone Booth

Second Season Up Now

15 years ago, a girl named Beca Orlofsky stepped into the sky and exploded. Over the course of the following week, 99% of every living human on the planet gained a super-power. Now, podcaster Joe Pollard gives us interviews with people who went to sleep ordinary and woke up as something else.

The Endless Ocean

Premieres October 19th

The Endless Ocean follows the ship, the Alabaster Queen as it sails into an unexplored, haunted, and dangerous ocean. The crew of the Queen will travel beyond the edge of the world, where gods, humans and creatures of unknown magic and origins vie for survival on the tide. 

About Us

You know that feeling when you’re reading a book at 2 AM, and you have work in a few hours, but instead of turning off the light, and getting some sleep you say to yourself, “one more chapter?"


I love that feeling. It's made me late for work multiple times. 


Hi, I’m Keenan Ellis the writer of the Phone Booth, and the founder of the Fool’s Gallery, and it has always been a dream of mine to write a One More Chapter Story.  

The Phone Booth is my first true attempt, and I hope it makes you late for work at least once. 

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